Jeremy Corbyn’s anorak matters: it’s a symbol of arrogance and entitlement

Notes from a Broken Society

On the day after the Armistice commemorations around the world, the London media are full of stories about one topic – Jeremy Corbyn’s inappropriate choice of attire for the Cenotaph ceremony in Whitehall yesterday morning.  It is being argued that his choice of a blue anorak rather than the sombre smart overcoat of the other politicians around him was disrespectful.

_104265609_c94239ee-3cc6-45e6-b869-201ddba6e3f1 Image:  Reuters, via the BBC News website

In response, there has been a torrent of comment in Corbyn’s defence on social media.  It’s the usual media bias; remembrance is an establishment job designed to legitimise war; it doesn’t matter what he wears; Tony Blair wore an overcoat and he bears responsibility for Iraq; and so on.

But you don’t have to disagree with any or all of the above claims to realise that they’re beside the point, for two reasons.

First, this whole mess was entirely avoidable.  If Corbyn had…

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