On Being Well After Being So Sick

I'm Sick and So Are You

Nestled snuggly in between the space just past Thanksgiving and right before the days when the mayhem of Christmas begins, there was a visit with the oncologist. And it was frightfully anticlimactic. Almost boring. Some may say benign. 

It’s taken me all this time, almost a week, to even share the events with you because really not all that much happened. And I find myself in a bit of a panic over it. Scared, in a new way. Afraid of what is no longer familiar. 

I suppose I should share the news that I’m okay. The MRI went fine, no complications with the contrast solution. Literally strapped into a new contraption that held my legs down and not one twitch of anxiety to note. Tumor is stable still. I buried the lead. Oncology could not be happier with my results. A handshake, a nod. Off I go. See you in…

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