Human Rights – From “Conception” to “Realization”

Shelf Life in the Mountains

Hey y’all, this is Savannah from the Macon County Public Library.   You heard about several holidays in the last blog but for this blog, we are going to talk about human rights and Human Rights Day which was on December 10.

caution-1295260_960_720Now, as a semi-trained history geek, my “historian” mind went all over the place when I decided to write this blog.  Knowing, however, that  as a human working at a library, my inherent bias (based on objective research, mind you) must be squelched, I quickly realized (with the help/advice of a co-worker) that this blog could well turn into a series of investigative blogs of which I do not have the time to devote (yet).  So, without further ado, and with a promise of maximum objective attempt, I give you an annotated bibliography of some of Fontana Regional Libraries’ resources on Human Rights with a few extra facts…

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