EU or not EU? That is not the question

Fear and Loathing in Great Britain


Since the EU referendum what has become horrifically clear to me is that Brexit is a Tory neoliberal wet dream. My own view had to undergo a sea change after the referendum. I voted leave because I am deeply uncomfortable with globalisation and neoliberalism in the EU, I feared, and still do, that globalisation will erode democracy and even destroy it.

The lead up to the referendum was the most abysmal political debacle I have ever seen. It was a triumph of lies and misinformation and, we now know, illegal practices that should have annulled the result. I did not know which way I was going to vote until two weeks before the referendum, and my choice to vote leave was literally grasping at straws and was tipped towards leave only because of my fears about globalisation and the corruption of those who control it.

Now, here’s the thing I…

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