There is only one reason Tory policies kill the sick and disabled (and they do): THEY LIKE IT

Fear and Loathing in Great Britain

Imagine there’s a pit full of bodies beneath the falling wheelchair-user, totallyingat least120,000 people [Image: Black Triangle Campaign].

Here’s a great Twitter thread from Rachael Swindon, listing only some of the vile treatment endured by sick and disabled people at the will of the Conservative government led by Theresa May (and formerly David Cameron).

It isn’t entirely accurate, of course. Nobody in their right mind thinks MS or Parkinson’s Disease is curable; it’s just something that they said, to justify victimising the poor sufferers of those illnesses. What were these benefit claimants going to do? Take them to court?Impossible.They would have needed Legal Aid to do soand legal aid for this purpose has been banned by the Conservatives.

It’s the policy of the Nazi, but with an extra layer of pretence; the Nazis pretended that disabled people were “useless eaters” who were to expensive –…

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