BBC Radio Host Michael Buerk Says ‘Let Fat People Die To Save The NHS Money’

Same Difference

Mochael Buerk, host of BBC Radio 4’s The Moral Maze, has made some outrageous comments about obesity.

He said the state should let fat people die to save the NHS money and that obesity should not be classed as a disease. He added ‘leave couch potatoes alone. They’re weak, not ill.’

Michael Buerk is wrong on all levels.

Firstly, obese people are still human and they fully deserve support to live for as long as is naturally possible. Some of them maybe do bring obesity on themselves, however there are many reasons for obesity which no one can help. Every obese person is not, as Michael Buerk suggests, fat because they eat too much.

Steroids, which are prescribed for many genuine conditions and physical disabilities, particularly arthritis, cause obesity. No one asks for arthritis, or Crohns, or colitis.

Also, wheelchair users and physically disabled people are often obese. They do…

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