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Debt advisers are urging the government to make good on fulfil a promise in the Conservative manifesto to introduce a scheme where tho…

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“One of #Grenfell’s two escape routes was blocked up because of academy”


Residents of the Grenfell Tower area have alleged that one of Grenfell Tower’s two escape routes had been permanently closed after the construction of the Kensington Aldridge Academy. The academy, which opened in the autumn of 2014, is currently closed because of its proximity to the scene of Wednesday’s terrible fire.

Local people told the SKWAWKBOX on Sunday that there were two exits from the block, but that one had been shut up – and that older residents of the Tower may have died because they went to the blocked exit in the confusion of the blaze, instead of the one that remained usable.

The academy’s closeness to Grenfell Tower can be seen in the image below, captured from Google Maps:

grenfell kaa.pngResidents of the area also alleged that the academy has the same type of exterior cladding that was used on Grenfell Tower and that the decision to use…

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Heartbreaking video as #Grenfell residents count out their true toll


On Sunday, exasperated at the continued failure of the authorities to acknowledge the true scale of the tragedy in their block, Grenfell Tower residents took matters into their own hands – and recorded their grief, anger and loss on video for the world.

If the world is listening.

The video is simple, low-tech and utterly heart-breaking. But we have a human duty to watch, to feel their pain and not to forget or allow the government to dilute our awareness by drip-feeding the number of deaths incrementally when it’s common knowledge that at least one hundred and fifty bodies are already in a makeshift morgue.

There has been no minute’s silence for the victims of the Grenfell Tower fire, as there was for those of the recent terror attacks – and be assured that it matters keenly to the survivors and their neighbours. So give them a few minutes to…

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#Grenfell video: “move north or be ‘intentionally homeless’, lose all support


The scandal of the treatment of the survivors of the Grenfell Tower catastrophe goes from shameful to vile.

As one of the survivors testifies in the video below, survivors are already being shipped out as far north as Preston in Lancashire – with some reports of people being offered as far north as Northumberland.

But these are not ‘offers’ in any meaningful sense of the word, because survivors are being told that if they fail to accept an offer they will be declared intentionally homeless.

And if you make yourself intentionally homeless, you do not qualify for any support or assistance:

Others have already been offered accommodation in a ‘carbon copy’ of the building that haunts their nightmares or told that if they accept…

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The Grenfell Tower Fire, Labour’s Cynicism And Theresa May’s Abdication Of Leadership

Semi-Partisan Politics

Tower block fire in London

By seeking to overtly politicise the Grenfell Tower tragedy, Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party have overplayed their hand. But far-left protests and anti-Tory incitement must not excuse Theresa May’s unforgivable failure to exercise basic leadership skills

There is a bizarre new defence of Theresa May’s response to the Grenfell Tower fire doing the rounds, in which some people are claiming that public anger at the prime minister’s refusal to publicly meet with survivors and grieving relatives of the victims is somehow comparable to the way that the British people lost their collective cool over the death of princess Diana, demanding more and more conspicuous displays of emotion from politicians and the Royal Family.

Here’s Guardian, New Statesman and Spectator writer Stephen Poole scoffing at those who were angry at the prime minister’s aloofness:

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#Grenfell residents offered rooms – in ‘carbon copy’ hotel. With cladding

Is this risky?


In another huge misstep, Kensington and Chelsea Borough Council have shown an astonishing insensitivity to survivors of the Grenfell Tower disaster.

The council has already caused anger among local people by stating that any survivor who accepts an offer of free temporary accommodation from a kind-hearted local builder will be removed from the council’s rehoming list. Now it transpires that the council itself has offered some Grenfell residents temporary accommodation – in a building that they describe as a ‘carbon copy’ of Grenfell Tower.

Some survivors have been offered rooms at a local Premier Inn, which in itself sounds unobjectionable. But anyone with a little local knowledge knows that the high-rise hotel bears a strong resemblance to the building that burned down last week with huge loss of life.

Including exterior cladding:

grenf premGrenfell Tower, left, and the Premier Inn into which the council wants to move survivors

It’s unknown…

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Please Help – Start a Petition.

Dear People,


I know my skills and would like to asks readers of this blog some help.  Can someone help me design a petition to send to the Government a request to have the current Prime Minister removed and even demand that we (the people) want another general election.


Come on people I need your help.



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