Labour MP’s email addresses 2017

I'm a JSA Claimant

I couldn’t find an up-to-date list so I created one from the Parliament website. To make copying easier I’ve added download options just below this text.

There are a few gaps so if anyone can help fill those please add in the comments below.

Download a document: Word, PDF or Excel

Labour MP Email address Constituency Twitter
Rt Hon Diane Abbott MP Hackney North and Stoke Newington
Debbie Abrahams MP Oldham East and Saddleworth
Heidi Alexander MP

Lewisham East
Rushanara Ali MP Bethnal Green and Bow
Mr Graham Allen MP Nottingham North
Dr Rosena Allin-Khan MP Tooting
Mr David Anderson MP Blaydon
Jonathan Ashworth MP Leicester South
Ian Austin MP Dudley North
Mr Adrian Bailey MP

West Bromwich West
Rt Hon Sir Kevin Barron MP Rother Valley

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A&E consultant to British journalists: “Please start reporting the truth about the NHS”

Pride's Purge

Posted on Facebook:

Dear Journalists,

As an A&E consultant I am writing to ask for your help.

Up and down the country our A&E departments are in meltdown, our staff are at breaking point and we need your help.

Patients are being left in corridors because there are no ward beds for them to go to, staff are leaving shifts demoralised and exhausted and most importantly our patients are not getting the care they deserve.

We need the public to know about this, not to scaremonger, but for the truth to be out there – as the only way to get politicans to change – is by voters knowing the reality and prioritising the NHS at the ballot box.

But without the public understanding what is going on, we will continue to have this crisis year after year after year. This is where we need your help. We need…

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Video: Corbaristas – Corbyn learns coffee skills to highlight #homelessness


Labour leader – and double peace-award winner – Jeremy Corbyn put in a shift today as a trainee barista to highlight the issues of homelessness and a charity that helps them creatively.

Corbyn was at Borough Market in London to visit the Change Please coffee cart, which trains homeless people to become baristas, pays them the London Living Wage and helps them with housing and mental health.

Showing some decent if not stellar pouring skills the Labour leader took the opportunity to highlight the contribution that homeless people can make, meeting a homeless man who won the Queen’s Medal for Bravery for saving a drowning person from the Thames and highlighting how even in adversity we can help each other:

For more information on Change Please, visit the charity’s website – and share this video to highlight the plight of the UK’s huge and increasing number of people, including 128,000…

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“The best AIDS show in town!” Report from the BANG BUS – World AIDS Day Special

ACT UP: London

“Brilliant fun and wonderfully spontaneous. A fun and friendly whirl through traffic in a magic created world upon an open topped bus with laughter, joy and magic. Onlookers were seduced into viewing into an alternative world view whilst being reminded of a continuous and painful struggle. AIDS is not over was a clear message as well as the importance of preserving NHS HIV services and finally the duty for us all, collectively, to honour our past history with HIV/AIDS as a nation. We must create a tribute to HIV in London. It was the best AIDS show in town!” Ash Kotak

About the BANG BUS – World AIDS Day Special

On Saturday November 25th an open-topped double-decker bus draped in ‘Hands off Our NHS’ and ‘Tories Don’t Die of Ignorance’ drove around Soho as an immersive theatrical anti-stigma bus-tour journeying through the decades and…

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Victory For Claimants As Government Drops MR Targets

Same Difference

In response to pressure from the Work and Pensions Select Committee the Department for Work and Pensions has announced that its target for upholding original PIP and ESA decisions at the first stage of appeal, known as Mandatory Reconsideration (MR), will be dropped.

On 28 November the Committee wrote to DWP with concerns about MRs, which had come up in the Committee’s current inquiry into the medical assessments carried out by ATOS, Maximus and Capita to inform DWP’s decisions on awards of  disability benefits PIP and ESA.

Pressure to turn out numbers 

The Committee had heard of “pressure to turn out numbers” in relation to both the original decision and at MR stage, and that MRs…

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May’s defeat shows Corbyn’s strategic nous – and a quandary for ‘moderates’


jc tm eu


Theresa May’s calamitous defeat in Wednesday evening’s EU amendment vote puts her in a position of abject weakness – and strips away the MSM-crafted façade that she ‘achieved’ a deal last week rather than surrendering completely to the EU and DUP.

Even the BBC has struggled to find ‘talking heads’ to call it much less than a disaster, with the EU summit looming and Labour looking strong.

But she’s not the only one in a bind this evening.

At every Brexit-related vote so far this year, right-wing Labour figures and their supporters, aided by what’s left of the LibDems, have attacked Corbyn’s strategy and tactics, demanding that he throw himself on a pyre of unwinnable votes for the sake of gesture politics.

Instead, Corbyn has ‘done grown-up politics’, cleverly and pragmatically refusing to allow himself or Labour to be painted into a corner and waiting for the winnable opportunity.

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How Not To Talk To Brexiteers

Voice of TREASON

Source:How Not To Talk To Brexiteers

A view from the other side, well thought through. However,  two points to note.

1. While the author talks rationally, he still divides the world into two, Remainers and Brexiters. We know that it’s more nuanced; regardless of how people voted the world is better represented by 5 groups, 10% each strongly brexit/remain, 30% each uncommitted and unsure that did the right thing and 20% in the middle who genuinely don’t know, don’t care or don’t want to get involved. There’s a 6th group too. Strong remainers who were excluded because it was apparently an advisory vote – 16/17 year olds and ex pats.

2. He’s looking for concensus for a binary decision where there is little concensus to find. We’re either IN or OUT. Some argue for a Norway style middle ground but it’s mostly regarded as the worst of both worlds…

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