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Wheelchair User Not Allowed On First Bus

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A Somerset man says he wants a change in attitudes to wheelchair users after being refused entry to buses.

Donald Hadfield commutes to work each day, using the First Bus service from Ilminster to Taunton.

On three occasions in November and December he said he was told he could not board because other passengers were occupying the designated wheelchair space he would use.

First Bus has said “more work needs to be done” to train its staff.

All First buses have a clearly marked designated space for wheelchairs.

Despite this, Mr Hadfield said drivers had stopped the bus but told him that he could not embark, from his stop in Ilminster, because either a child’s buggy or passenger with bags was occupying the spot.

“It causes me a great amount of stress, waiting for that bus and the thought of not being able to get on – sometimes I feel…

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DWP is not engaging with expert calls for change to Universal Credit says Select Committee

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The Work and Pensions Committee is today launching a new inquiry into what the Government calls “natural migration”: the process by which people claiming existing benefits move onto Universal Credit if they have a change in their circumstances.

Universal Credit has now been rolled out to every Jobcentre in the country. This means that if people who are already claiming benefits under the old system have a change in their circumstances (for example, if they form part of a new couple, or separate from an existing partner), they can’t make a new claim for the old benefits. Instead, they have to make a whole new claim for Universal Credit.

The Government calls this “natural migration” to Universal Credit. However, people who transfer onto Universal Credit in this way aren’t eligible for any transitional protection payments and so may see a change in their income from benefits. For many people, this…

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Universal Credit is an unmitigated catastrophe for ill and disabled people

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I co-run an online advice and support group for people going through Personal Independence Payment (PIP) and Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) claims, assessments, mandatory reviews and appeals. Recently there has been a spike in people being reassessed for their awards of both kinds of support much earlier than expected. Furthermore, many are seeing their longstanding awards being taken from them by the Department for Work and Pensions following the reassessment, when this is clearly unjustifiable.

Failing a work capability assessment usually triggers migration onto Universal Credit.

For example, a significant proportion of this group have chronic or degenerative illnesses that are not going to improve. If someone with such a condition is deemed unfit for work, or in need of extra support to meet their needs and maintain independence, given that it’s highly improbable that their condition will improve,  it’s more than unreasonably cruel that following review, these people…

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NHS Trust Halted Asylum Seeker’s Leukemia Treatment

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“I think it’s horrible and inhuman to have a person who is sick like me dumped on to the street without food or shelter or medication,” says Esayas Welday. He is as confused as he is angry that it was an NHS trust, not a rogue landlord or uncaring staff of a benefits office, that forced him back into being homeless, and did so even though he was suffering from cancer.

The Eritrean asylum seeker was relieved when in May last year he began the first of five courses of chemotherapy for acute lymphoblastic leukaemia, a form of blood cancer he had just been diagnosed with at the unusually early age of 29. But then one day several weeks later, without warning, staff at Northwick Park hospital in west London told him he had to leave and that he would not receive any more treatment.

“They said they couldn’t continue…

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Katie Price Backed By MPs To Make Online Disablism A Crime

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People with disabilities have shared accounts of the online abuse they face, after MPs backed a petition by model Katie Price calling for new laws.

More than 220,000 people signed reality TV star Ms Price’s petition to make online abuse a criminal offence.

Actress Samantha Renke, who has brittle bone disease, said she received social media messages calling her “vile” and saying “real humans walk on two legs”.

“It’s most certainly affected my mental health,” she told the BBC.

Ms Price – who used to be known as Jordan – created the petition after raising awareness of the trolling that her son Harvey, who has disabilities, received.

Now MPs on the Petitions Committee want to give disabled people protection under hate crime laws.

The politicians said self-regulation of social media “has failed disabled people” and internet giants must also “accept responsibility” over abuse.

“Harvey’s experience is not unique,” said Labour…

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ncuti-gatwa-_640x345_acf_croppedNcuti Gatwa, who stars in Netflix’s hit show Sex Education, has said that it’s important to represent the experiences of the black, gay community because TV only offers a “narrow representation” of gay people.

The 26-year-old star, who plays Eric, an openly gay black teen, told PinkNews that the acting world needs to have more diversity.

Sex Education follows Otis (Asa Butterfield), whose best pal is Eric, and his friend Maeve (Emma Mackey), as they set up a sex clinic at their school, based somewhere in the UK, in order to give their peers relationship therapy sessions.

Ncuti Gatwa: It’s important to represent the experience of black, gay teenagers

“It’s very important to see a black gay teen represented,” Gatwa told PinkNews of his character.

“I think there’s quite a narrow representation of gay people on TV and I think that we need to push that.


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