Is this the ‘smoking gun’ of YouGov’s anti-Corbyn bias?

I vote for Corbyn


It’s long been contended by supporters of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn that polls are biased against him – and in particular, polls by YouGov. Those supporters would agree with Peter Hitchens’ famous analysis of polls in general:

hitchens pollsYouGov was founded by Tory Minister Nadhim Zahawi and former ConservativeHome owner Stephan Shakespeare, so suspicions among left-wingers run high.

Labour and especially Corbyn supporters have long criticised YouGov’s polling, but the company tends to keep its methodology cards close to its chest. However, a poll published today is so weak, such a stretch that it’s hard to read it as anything other than an attempt to further damage Corbyn.

The poll is titled ‘A tale of two parties – what we learned from our Labour membership survey‘ and claims to contrast the attitudes of supporters of Corbyn and those of his challenger in the Labour leadership contest, Owen Smith –…

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