Community based sexual health promotion


Leicester City Council buys services to raise awareness of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and HIV in order to help prevent the spread of these infections and help people remain healthy.

Community based services (like LASS, Trade and St Peters Health Centre) currently:

  • Provide safe sex advice and information within local community venues
  • Raise awareness of risky sexual behaviour
  • Provide HIV / STI testing within local communities
  • Provide 1-2-1 support for men and women regarding their sexuality or stigma
  • Promote sexual health via the most appropriate means in the way that is best for each different community (for example, outreach work, social media, etc).
  • Provide community based POCT* tests using standards and training provided by the specialist sexual health services.
  • These services are available for all but targeted at specific communities.

*Point of care testing (POCT). Community organisations will be able to undertake HIV tests in a community venue and giveā€¦

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